Cain and Abel and the fight of brothers in the world today

Question: Right now, as we learn about Cain and Abel in the Bible, there is a debate in the US between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and there is so much fighting going on between the Brothers in the world.
What do we need to learn from Cain and Abel when we look at that?

Answer: “The primary lesson that is being taught; if we do not solve the equation of mutuality and brotherhood we will never be able to bring ourselves to fulfill the purpose of our creation.

This will be always in the background of what we will be tested in,
and definitely, the notion of what will be born out of it, which is to do with the notion or the idea of Israel––to bring all the world from all the world into one place and to forge it into unity, not into unanimity that everyone will be the same!

Look at Israel: what you have here, which is a bit similar to America, but more here, you have people from all over the world.

If Israel will find a way to allow to live together in brotherhood, it will be the solution for all the world how to live together because the samples from all the world are coming here.

The fight for values––in the States, it is stemming from which fear will win. That is what will decide this election.

In Israel, it will be, which value, which measurement will surrender to cause unity of values.

The tension is in between that.

It starts from the first inability to look at every createe from the location or from the point of the purpose of each one to another.

It is not which fear will win.

It is, can we see the purpose of each other and unify ourselves to the same purpose?

And this should be, and is, the test of everyone who wishes to be the real thing.

It seems that it is actually only possible in our generation by calling for the support and the help of the face of Tikkun, which is the face of mercy, which is the face of Arich Anpin*––when the world is sick. Because this is the only true medicine.

What dominates the face of Arich Anpin? The fact that even the left is with a nature of grace and mercy. It means it covers and unites all opposition.

We need to lift our face to that quality.

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