Changing Fear to Gratefulness

What is fear in the eyes of Kabbala – as I am standing in such a strong place of fear, that there’s also an awareness, of fear that’s connected to a lack of safety, but also a type of fear that’s more the awe that you attain when you only attain when you see.

Rabbah Saphir Noyman Eyal:
So, it seems that fear in its right place now. At this time of COVID, the very thin fabric of the net that holds the order and things, as we know, and as we got used to them – is falling apart.

So, this is a point where you can change fear into gratefulness.

Would you like everything that has been exposed in the world – the injustice, the cruelty, the lack of mutuality – will continue to exist as a law of survival?
Because this is what has been exposed now. So, if you realize that actually it’s the descent of the light exposing everything that was wrong in the way we arrange ourselves in the will to receive of humanity as a whole, it’s a calling – and a very soft one – it’s not a deluge… yet.

It’s to call us to enable us to hear the call of the Creator. “Where are you?”.
Like the calling in the Garden of Eden. Because, the last ten thousand years on planet earth, with its equilibrium and balance, we disturbed, was the Garden of Eden – of opportunities.

So, we are destroying it in many ways, and in very deep ways and very obvious ways. Ecological is only one aspect of it. The ecology of the spirit and soul is the main issue. So, something is being gracious with us, and compassionate with us. and allowing us to see. So, instead of having fear, you can be grateful.


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