The base premise of learning in a Hevruta, is that all of us, without exception,
were created with a unique need for spirituality, and there is no completeness in
any of us as a separated being. Our completeness stems from the illumination
drawn from above, by our common intention of Tikkun.

We are inviting to join us to a special investigation in a group study – Hevruta.
An enabling space To investigate what is hidden from us and what is hidden in us,
to connect to the human search called Kabbalah,
to meet seekers like you, in search of the meaning of their lives,
to connect to a vein of life that Kabbalists have already prepared for you
and deepen this vein inside of you.

Three Hevruta meetings are planned (no charge):
Sunday August 16th  at 18:30 Israel time, 11:30 EST,
Sunday August 30th at 18:30 Israel time, 11:30 EST,
and Sunday September 13th at 18:30 Israel time, 11:30 EST.
Each Hevruta study pod is composed of long time Israeli and international students and new ones.   
Together we read and wrestle with texts selected by the Rabbah
and note questions that emerge.
On September 30th, we will meet in a virtual lesson
with Rabbah Saphir Noyman Eyal for Q&A.

Join The Hevruta

Mishkan Hakavana | 6 Sapir St. Even Yehuda IL | 972-9-7717806|


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