About Mishkan Hakavana

Beit Midrash "Mishkan Hakavana" is a training seminary (Beit Midrash) for studding Kabbalah, founded in the spirit of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag , also known as the "Baal Ha-Sulam" (Author of the Ladder) over a decade ago. Led by Rabba Sapphire Neumann eyal, we seek to realize the vision of spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah to anyone who’s heart and need wake up to serve the purpose of creation and repair the world. Through this spirit we have gathered together, men and women, that the search for essence and meaning of life arose in their hearts, and in this spirit we study together regardless of religion and nationality.

"We gathered here, to build the Foundations for society, to all those who wish to go on his way and method of Baal Ha-Sulam, which is the way how to ascend and merit as human and not to stay as if animal Form". (in Rabash's article" The purpose of the society ") .

The Wisdom of Kabbalah, according to Baal Ha-Sulam, leads to the progression of the initial desire, the Thought of Creation to benefit His create, by a way of cause and effect, which is increasingly ignores the presence of the God in our world, to the point where he completely disappeared from the Perception of reality, called "this world's Point ".

The second order is a way to return to the root, with conscious and in attainment to the thought of Creation (the wish to benefit His create). The Kabbalah enables us to learn the reason for that concealment and evolution to our position in this world, and how we are consciously return to the composed situation we have been designated to.The "Ari" said that all the repair work is to return the picture perfection of one soul, "because there really is no more than one soul".

When a person is born, so is the knowledge of the separation. With The point in the Heart, Awakening the part of the Divine upon us (the upper part of us), the person gets an environment that includes Books, Group (compatibility of intent with other people that this recognition that awakened them) and a Teacher (rabbi). Without this environment, like any life form a developmental necessity, there is no possibility to advnace the point in the heart to a Present reality.

The burning question in all humans is the meaning of their life. But "what is the point in my life" is not the leading question in Kabbalah. Kabbalah engage in the question "To whom do I serve /give pleasure " – for what purpose do I work. That the meaning of life stems from the relationship to the Thoughts of the Creator ".

'Creator' is an inner voice that calls us to 'come and see' what you were born for. What all of the worlds and realities created for. A voice that calls to go and make a real familiarity with our self-will and the way it's Managing us to all its cruelty and its pledge bikes.

The Creator is a definition of man, depict the power that says to him, 'Come and see the reality that I made for you, and treatment of you, not to improve the situation/ reality, but to create a situation/ reality where there is no wrong (self-will), but only bestowing.

Learning the wisdom of Kabbalah is not a form in which we internalize knowledge in the use of self-will. The Study actually undermine our common security and familiar feeling, and lets us understand that we do not feel the Creator (do not feel this call) and not connected to the reason for our existence. Baal Ha-Sulam defines the Learning in which you do not understand what you read, you would agree with not understanding what you learn, and despite this, you would like so much to understand. Thus, you awaken the surrounding light that belongs to your spirit.

Beit Midrash "mishkan hakavana" invites all who woke up in his search for the essence of his life. The Beit Midrash's doors are open to everyone.
Come and See,

Mishkan Hakavanah operates worldwide, and runs classes real or virtual, in the countries including Israel, United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, and Asia.