Commemorating Loved Ones

Mishkan Hakavan provides a number of opportunities to commemorate our loved ones, and their place in our lives through a prayer to elevate their soul, their health and blessings

Commemoration on a glass board

We invite you to commemorate your loved ones on an ever lasting beautiful glass board. The board is placed in the study area while students read and learn the holy book of Zohar.

Commemoration on Zohar book

Mishkan Hakava has an extensive library with holy books. You can commemorate the loved one with a dedicated sticker placed inside of Zohar series.


Commemoration on video strip

We enable a commemoration or prayer for health of our loved one during the class. The Rabba will mention the name of the person, and a subtitle will also appear  on the bottom of the class’ recordings.

Listen to the Rabba about a prayer to elevate the spirit
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