Meeting Kabbalah -Study Kit

As more and more students and friends gather, some of which after a long search, they testify and we understand, that there is no place like Mishkan Hakavan. A place with such unique teachings, committed to the path of Baal Ha’sulam, led by his student – female Rabbah – who’s outlook enables discoveries like no others. Discoveries perfectly matching our generation, the last generation, which are renewing on a daily basis.

When a measure of light is uncovered in every class it is truly unique and important, which is not only aimed for us, but rather offers itself to anyone who the point in the heart has awoken in them. A generation with piercing questions that do not let up: what is the point in life, and who do I please?
All classes at Mishkan Hakavana are recorded, for the benefit of generations to come, who’s piercing questions also arise within.
And now, the classes are packed in online kits, available to you.

To whom, for what?
To the one who has joined the study and wants to build within the basic terms of the study, as building stones in a structure and a new language that is created.
To the one who is unable to join the live study, but understands this is important to their life, and wishes to build the possibility to this miraculous wisdom.
To the one who understand, the important question in their life needs an answer, as a returning movement, to the Creator, to the root, to the aim of Creation.
And now is the ultimate time to start

The study kids are available for immediate purchase and use.
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