Deepening The Kabbalah Foundations – Mishpatim

The portion of Mishpatim entails a large scope.

First, we need to perceive that this portion completes the Yitro Torah portion, meaning it’s the completion of giving Torah. Giving Torah contains the demand – what the Creator wishes or is bestowing upon the people who are ready to come into contact with Him. In a manner of speaking, they are receiving the structure, the ecology – inner ecology and outer ecology, in which they can maintain a connection, with the Higher. The ecology in which they can serve the purpose of creation with Him.

But, the other side of giving Torah is the side of the Creator’s preparation and expression of His concern, care, and Him watching over all spirits.
People usually understand the portion of Mishpatim as laws of ‘how to treat slaves’ or ‘how to treat each other’. But, it has nothing to do with it.
So, The Zohar and definitely Rabbi Shimon starts with such a clear declaration that, the way that we read this portion, without being on the way, or doing the work, is basically not recognizing even one letter or the meaning of one letter that is written there.

It is more to do with – not ‘how we will hold ourselves to the contract’, but ‘how the Creator is taking care’. That even if we will fall from our promise or from fulfilling our part in the contract, there will be an aid and more chances than one. And the whole system is one of checking and balancing the journey of this precious presence – is called spirit.

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