Singing in Kabbalah

Student Asks:

In singing, particularly, there is a great deal of power that comes through. And when I’m in the study, when I’m here and that comes on me, I can move that and intend that for the group. And it doesn’t leave me feeling the separation. But when I’m not in the group and I’m either studying and really notice it when I’m singing, there is such energy that comes in and I feel like I don’t know where to release it to. I don’t know where to push it to; how to intend it elsewhere. It comes into me and because it is great, it feels like it expands something. But then when it leaves, I feel such separation. I feel, I feel such… it goes to despair when it leaves, and it makes me not want to sing. I’d rather not have that energy rather not have that than to feel the separation.

Answer by Rabbah Saphir Noyman Eyal:

So, it’s not a question of how to dispense this energy, the question is how to harness it. So, you’re speaking about being outside Every singing is to do with serving something of the state of mind of people. It can be the state of mind of the corporeal soul state of mind, which will cause them to feel elevated.

So, it’s not a gift in vain that was given to humanity, music, and the ability to sing. Even if we’re saying that, the law is the same, but it acts upon different levels of ourselves. So, you can see that music and singing is acting upon people, first to sort of one way is to elevate them, to give an outlet to their emotion.

But you see that the verses of what is called singing in preparation for prayer is to do with actually the opposite of what you’re saying. It is to cut out everything that separates. So, if you’re saying that you feel despair, it means it does not harness itself to the right purpose because the purpose of singing before prayer is to awaken longing; to awaken a more, I would say, clear identity of the praying vessel in myself.

A praying vessel is that which can feel in front of the state of itself and in front of what it stands and to awaken everything that we forgot from the wonder.

So, singing is about awakening a wonder. So, feeling empty or despaired afterward, it seems that you put your singing in the wrong context.

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