Deepening The Kabbalah Foundations – Yitro

Revelation – a concept that is very foreign to our perception, especially in the 21st century, especially after the destruction of the second temple. The main reason is that we have lived in a world devoid of revelation for so long.

The entire book of Shemot, and Bereshit, we began looking at the formation of the vessel. We call that inside time. A formation of a particular group of spirits that are going through the fulfillment of a promise that was given to their patriarchs. They are going through them, with three types of revelations.
This all comes together in the portion of Yitro, which signifies several important issues to remember:

The first is  – there needs to be a witness, outside of Israel, that represents all nations during the giving of the Torah. Or, any revelation with a universal purpose. Universal includes – the thought and purpose of creation.

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