Deepening the Kabbalah Foundations – Vayera (Genesis)

Vayera – one of the most difficult and wonderful portions of Torah, meaning the revelation.

The form of revelation to Abraham, which is a result of all the tests and tribulations of Abraham.
Everything that we meet is a result or a produce of a circumcision – a circumcision which we know that we have four of them.
1. Circumcision of the eyes, meaning of perception of the way we perceive the world.
2. Circumcision of speech, meaning what kind of language we use; or do we have the language to communicate with the Higher or to communicate with the Creator, meaning the formation of a very particular language.
3. The circumcision of the heart which is to do with the will and the intention, meaning the new and the only possible vessel to be able to feel the presence of the Creator.
4. And circumcision of the part that is responsible for unification, which in the human body is the sexual part that allows produce.

It means that the circumcision of the vessel of reception, meaning how can we form the lower or the receiving vessel, in order to be able to actually be in – I would say – irreversible communion with the Higher, whether it’s part of our self, whether it is lodged in the other, and between us and the part that we are included, the power that we are included in the thought of creation.
The part that we are included in the thought of creation is the intention to bestow or the will of the Creator to bestow goodness to His creatures.

So, it is a forming portion because there is a true presence of Divinity only after circumcision of all those parts in our self. So, one can say they are the conditions in which we seek to find this new identity and to know how to operate it, and to know how to identify it, and to know how to be with it, is basically in this portion, meaning what forms the future of humankind.


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