Deepening the Kabbalah Foundations – Beshalach

We are standing in a very crucial portion.

Although you can say that every portion in Bereshit and Shemot is crucial, there are some that summon in themselves a leap of change – a forming of another step.

There are some portions which we established what they were so far and some portions you would call it a leap of faith, meaning they demand from us a totally different position, a different mental position, a different feeling, and a different ability to sense the importance.
This is where The Zohar is coming in, in order to lead us to a position that will allow us to change, and be part of the revelation that is possible.

The Torah Portion of Beshalach is the first preparation of the revelation for Israel. Israel – means for those who chose to be Israel, because there is a sorting out of two states of the debate , between Pharaoh or the conscious, creative faculty which is a consciousness of the will to receive to oneself that is claiming to be the first born, as a power of creation.
Then, there is a need through the Ten Plagues to demonstrate to Pharaoh that there is a difference, first in history, in the different formation forces of that entity that is called Israel in history, which is the first seven plagues and then in the thought of creation, which are the last three.
Ten are speaking about an endowed virtue. It’s a virtue that belongs to Israel, but we see that in this portion, Pharaoh is chasing after Israel because there is another part, which is the choice part.

You might be singled out as having certain virtues, the question is whether you choose them or you choose to fulfill them, you choose to enact them, or you choose to live by their values. It means that you have to choose as well, the part that expresses exile and tribulation and tests. It’s almost saying that you’re willing to be tested or judged at every moment, not only according to your virtue but according to your choice.

So, it is a very tense moment because it’s a nation of slaves. The choice is not in their vocabulary, definitely not in their mental disposition and yet there is a memory and there is at least the four days of preparation, the days of circumcision of the heart and marking the body, marking it with an inclination of the soul.

And then we come into this portion and it seems like Pharaoh is waking up from; sort of he was reading the contract again with his debate with God. And he sees that there is something that was not fulfilled and that is the choice. But there is something else in it, which is in order to perform or to open up through the meeting point of Egypt and Israel. It’s a meeting point of the force of the law of nature and the law of the miraculous or of a miracle. So, it is sort of strange to speak about the law of miracles, because one of the definitions of miracle is that it’s above or at least does not comply with the laws of nature.

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