Deepening the Foundation – Reading Reality Today

A Student asks: “What would be a Kabbalistic solution of the political break in the US?”

Rabba Saphir Noyman Eyal Answers:

Our perspective is that every ruler is a messenger. That includes Trump. That includes Biden.

Through the people in power, as the learning of the last generation suggests…the “Face of the generation is the face of the dog”. Why Dog – because it is the meaning of ‘Hav Hav’ (sound), give me – give me…just like the will to receive for oneself.

Knowing that we go through various types of rulings over the years, democracy or otherwise, and it is a more extensive protray and inclusiveness of the NEED of people.  We will lose if we don’t listen to why Trump was so popular – what is the need, what is the fear – that stands behind his elected power. Now we are at a point of a second chance.  We experience a state of relief, giving the world another chance to have another look of the need.

This signals not only a division of America, but a division of the world.
Democracy in America proved to be an unjust, and uncaring way of ruling. It didn’t do justice to the poor or health system, or well-being of even aspiration and hope.
But, when it breaks, it is a question for all. Not how quickly it will be replaced by another same-way-of “will to receive for oneself”…but will it put us at a different place to ask different questions?

This is a time to heal, so we might have a change to look at ourselves – are we asking the right questions? Of meaning, belonging, truth and purpose?

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