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Deepening The Kabbalah Foundations – Mishpatim

The portion of Mishpatim entails a large scope. First, we need to perceive that this portion completes the Yitro Torah portion, meaning it’s the completion of giving Torah. Giving Torah contains the demand – what […]

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Deepening The Kabbalah Foundations – Yitro

Revelation – a concept that is very foreign to our perception, especially in the 21st century, especially after the destruction of the second temple. The main reason is that we have lived in a world […]

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Deepening the Kabbalah Foundations – Beshalach

We are standing in a very crucial portion. Although you can say that every portion in Bereshit and Shemot is crucial, there are some that summon in themselves a leap of change – a forming […]

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Deepening the Kabbalah Foundations – Vayera (Genesis)

Vayera – one of the most difficult and wonderful portions of Torah, meaning the revelation. The form of revelation to Abraham, which is a result of all the tests and tribulations of Abraham. Everything that […]

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Deepening the Kabbalah Foundations: Definition of Human

We cannot define a human being without having a group of human beings. It means that the definition of the self or the person or the private experience is defined by its ecology, or surroundings […]

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Deepening the Kabbalah Foundations: Zohar Beresheet (Genesis)

Zohar, Bereshit is dealing, on a few levels, with the creation of Adam. One level is to do with “a deviation from the formula” of being given an order by Chochma (Wisdom) or by Bereshit and then executing it –  “Let […]

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Faith Above Reason – Veyera – In the Eyes of Kabbalah

In this weekly Torah portion of ‘Vayera’ – A question arose about how we can we hold faith above reason, like Abraham. A student asks: Abraham walked in his faith above reason, he was able […]

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Series: Deepening The Foundation – Lesson 1

The nature of the law inside humans is the will to receive. But the Torah is saying  – that humanity is not only composed of that nature, but it is also composed of two natures, […]

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The Companions Hearken for your Voice – 9

Do not pity – what is the difference between pity and compassion? This is about the person with the point in the heart that is awakened – they are now conscious about providence. Providence is […]

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The Companions Hearken for your Voice – Part 8

Understanding the study of Kabbala is about thinking of Divinity (Shechina) – The Devine presence in our world. This is the collateral. The presence – her presence – is a reminder. She gives life and […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 7

Why do we need so many people? why wasn’t it enough to have Adam? A part of understanding the multiplicity of the faces of Divinity  (“Shechina”) – has to do with ‘what is possible’ to […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 6

What is a choice? The idea that we can choose evil is in complete opposition to the word choice. We can’t choose to hurt, it’s not a choice. When we opt for the evil we […]

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