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Toldot – Weekly Torah Portion

The Torah portion describes a crucial point in time. We begin to see patterns – difficulty to give birth. This is an integral part of the stories of the mothers – the unseen parts in […]

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Chayei Sarah – Weekly Torah Portion

The death of Sarah is paving a holding possibility in our corporal life for finding our way back to the root of our origin. The root of what it means to be Adam – spirit […]

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Va’Yera – Weekly Torah Portion

There is a condition and understanding that everything is going after the beginning – every time the Torah portion appear, in these 2 portions – it is a great opportunity for us to see the […]

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Noah’s Arch – Weekly Torah Portion

Noah’s Ark and the deluge is to do with a common universal memory of human beings – of their ways in relations to themselves, the Creator, and creation as a whole. The environment as a […]

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