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The Companions Hearken for your Voice – 9

Do not pity – what is the difference between pity and compassion? This is about the person with the point in the heart that is awakened – they are now conscious about providence. Providence is […]

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The Companions Hearken for your Voice – Part 8

Understanding the study of Kabbala is about thinking of Divinity (Shechina) – The Devine presence in our world. This is the collateral. The presence – her presence – is a reminder. She gives life and […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 7

Why do we need so many people? why wasn’t it enough to have Adam? A part of understanding the multiplicity of the faces of Divinity  (“Shechina”) – has to do with ‘what is possible’ to […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 6

What is a choice? The idea that we can choose evil is in complete opposition to the word choice. We can’t choose to hurt, it’s not a choice. When we opt for the evil we […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 5

What is providence in this day and time? While having marchings in the street on one side, and parks and children on the other side. Something has been untouched – relating to the beauty of […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 3

What does it mean to work in Kabbalah – in the path of truth? The way the Hebrew word WORK is constituted – processes, and processing. The regular meaning is to toil, but truly it […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 2

The word ‘above’ feels like a confusion – what is the meaning? The premise and rebellious part in ourselves demand the presence of divinity – fully in ourselves. The fact that no one listens to […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 1

The Holy Zohar says: “He is Shochen (Dweller), and She is Shechina (Divinity)” In the new series, we began by describing the “Malchut”. The “Malchut” is a generic name – for all vessels. But, Malchut […]

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And When It Rose – Part 11

“Ztimzum Alef”- One It is not one action, but many actions. Malchut is getting an urge in herself, through the extension of the light, Keter, to see what she is? She? Why she and not […]

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And When It Rose – Part 12

The Kabbalistic definition of Spirit… From the usual discourse, we tend to mix soul, spirit, Holy Ghost. The Zohar, The Ari, Baal Hasulm are teaching us that there are 5 levels to Divine consciousness. Soul […]

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And When It Rose – Part 10: Service Over Study

During our online class this week, and part of the Kabbala series “And When It Rose”, the students brought up a few questions. Question: Service – over – Study: Service being as important as the […]

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And When it Rose – Part 7

This week started with a summary of the book of Shemot – Genisis – Book of Names. The commentary of Baal Hasulm is known as a completion of the possibility of our generation – the […]

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