The Companions Hearken for your Voice – 9

Do not pity – what is the difference between pity and compassion?
This is about the person with the point in the heart that is awakened – they are now conscious about providence.
Providence is not only that you know there is a G-D, but that you know there is a plan and thought of creation. That thought has one purpose, and one mode, and one quality, that encompasses all – to bestow goodness to the createe.

This is how you argue reality with. You argue what you see – in regard to your knowing or belief – that everything that happens in the world has one purpose – to bestow goodness to createe.
If the point in the hear awakened in you, you are exposed to this knowledge.

The definition of righteous is – the one who justify the act of G-D. Everything that is in the ‘Will of the Higher’ is seen in the law Zimzum A (alef). ‘Malchut’ expelled all of the light, and wanted to receive the light only if she is conscious and present, with the quality of the Creator – to bestow. Since she chose that initially, it has become a law that is implied on humans. It is now the nature of how we conduct ourselves in the world.

The condition of this law is that if a person knows there is gravity, he shouldn’t be pitied if he jumps and is smashed to the ground. He knew that this is a result of his action. This is what pity is.
Compassion is G-D giving us a new opportunity, even if we didn’t earn it.

This is what we say every morning waking up – ‘mode ani’. Kabbala, and especially the writing of Baal Hasulam, is for people who search because there is an urge of the point in the heart leading them. If it leads them – they need to know the laws. If they choose to ignore the laws, they will not be pities.

But there will be compassion because there is providence. Providence is the security net of the Creator – so that humans can rise and fall. But, in the end, they will consciously feel what was the intent and meaning of what they went through – personally and generally, through the history of humanity.

Peace is calling us to understand that you can’t make peace through ‘an agreement’. Peace is born out of conflict. There will always be a conflict between the way we see existence and the knowing of the spirit…that nothing evil can come from above.
It is always this conflict that we are called to settle in ourselves.

The question is not why something happened. The question is always what it tries to tell us. How it tries to guide us.

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