We Are Always Being Led

Everything from the plan of God is going to happen, but Bilam had the opportunity in which way to be led – and he chose. This means that each one of us is being led in the way he is asking to be led. G-D’s plan will execute itself through our joining His wish or our wish. But, even if we join through our wish, it will be through Him.

In Bilam – we need to know to chose by either what we want, or build in our way sensitivity to listen to what the Creator wishes.
When you wish to purify yourself, you will be sanctified. But, when you don’t – you will get help for this as well. Because Bilam is with the sense an possibilities of prophecy he should know the path of choosing – and he gave up to the wish of his ego.
Regardless, he will execute G-D’s will anyway.

Balak is taking Bilam to 3 points in which Israel fell and had weakness. He thought if you see this weakness, it will enable him to curse. But, its not about a fall. The Creator sees us not in our faults…but He sees us, that part that wishes to serve His purpose…as part of what will execute HIs will in History. No matter if they fall.

At one point Bilam is asking to die as Israel. He is asking to die straight to G-D – to stay there. But, he chose a different way. He chose not to be in service to G-D’s will but rather to his will

G-D will execute HIs plan no matter what

This is very tragic hero – Bilam – he is loosing in 2 ways. His prophecy and his face and connection with the Creator

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