The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 6

What is a choice?

The idea that we can choose evil is in complete opposition to the word choice. We can’t choose to hurt, it’s not a choice. When we opt for the evil we denounce choice. This is how the Kabbala thinks.

To understand the sentiment of Divinity is to understand that individuality can’t be defined in separateness. The only place that we can call a true “I” is with a connection with the general. There – we can have a definition of individuality. Uniqueness is one of the names of the Creator. IF we join the general body of Divinity it is the only time we become unique. We are unique in our service. If you choose to detach yourself or separate yourself from your ability to choose – then you act in an evil way. Your chance is to be punished.

Through punishment, you see there is a law at play, and a confined, security so that no one will fall out of the net. One of the security is called punishment – kicking you back to the net. You feel the pain of being kicked. Hopefully, we are intelligent enough to feel that – otherwise you fall out of the net.

You can say it is a bit harsh. Maybe. The truth is a bit harsh and uncomfortable. But, it doesn’t offer comfortability. It does offer a challenge and responsibility, a constant battle with things that we see in ourselves. These parts in me don’t agree with me right now – but it shows it to me every step of the study reformation process. Because – then I am saying if I want the freedom of choice the only thing that I can choose is bestowal or goodness.

This takes the rug from under us – the understanding that choice is a play of two. It’s either that or that. Baal Hasulam is saying, explaining choice better, while we’re in the ecology of the will to receive for ourselves (our culture) , we have not a choice. It’s one line. We can move within it – having a self-image of good-doers..etc.. But, we are then acting under the government of the will to receive for oneself.

But, then the point in the heart is awakened. There we find a different agreement and ecology with the group, the Hevruta with certain books (certain actions of light), and with the Rav. Then, the only thing we can choose is the environment.

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