Deepening the Kabbalah Foundations: Zohar Beresheet (Genesis)

ZoharBereshit is dealing, on a few levels, with the creation of Adam.

One level is to do with “a deviation from the formula” of being given an order by Chochma (Wisdom) or by Bereshit and then executing it –  “Let it be light and there was light.” Or, “Let it be seas” and life, meaning, animals, birds and creatures of the sea, all this, and what we meet is that the plan was carried to the best of the ability of the executor and the Creator approved it. He is saying, “And He saw that it was good”.

On the sixth day, when we start to deal with the creation of Adam, we see a completely different approach, which is not an order being given, but a suggestion. “Let’s make.

It’s like Binah is addressing – because Binah is in a way identifying the need.  From 4 aspects of direct light there is a quality in Binah to see the future – and to see the future in relation to one point – or single point, which is the proximity or distance from the Creator.

Meaning, from Its qualities of bestowal. Because there are many qualities to bestowal.

So, seeing that all that is being created is beautiful and good, it seems that all creation, as the partner or the spouse of the Creator, the tendency is that it’s drifting apart from It. So, the suggestion of Binah is, “Let’s make a consciousness which will keep the intimacy, which will keep the closeness, which will be interested, which will be in an extreme inconvenience from the distance from You.”

So, it is seeing, as she did, and from her Zeir Anpin and Malchut were born. Because she became a Creator herself to bestow; to bestow is to bestow a space for the other. So, she’s doing as Keter. So now, in Bereshit, she’s suggesting to actually create something that will keep – like Zeir Anpin – that will keep the creation and the Creator always connected, that it will feel uncomfortable and inconvenient from the distance, and will always yearn for the intimacy, for closeness, for the similarity of form, to be like, meaning, to be able to bestow.

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