The Companions Hearken for your Voice – Part 8

Understanding the study of Kabbala is about thinking of Divinity (Shechina) – The Devine presence in our world. This is the collateral.

The presence – her presence – is a reminder. She gives life and nourishes us, and enables us to exist.
She is the condition of the BEING –  in our reality.

This consciousness, and presence, does not exist in the majority of humans. It is concealed from their consciousness and that is what we call – divinity exile. Not being conscious of her presence and function, and here service to our life.
In order to have any meaning, to believe, is to call back this presence to guide, to nourish, to be the leader of our life. It is almost a condition of having a true living belief.

The presence of Divinity.

She is the part of the self – the will of the Creator.
The evolution of this thought is embedded in the Zohar, and the form of why we study is to call back that devine presence – to our life, study, prayer. Otherwise, it is dead. Otherwise, everything is to do with our will.
Without her presence, there is no dialog with the will of the Creator

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