Deepening the Kabbalah Foundations: Definition of Human

We cannot define a human being without having a group of human beings. It means that the definition of the self or the person or the private experience is defined by its ecology, or surroundings of his peers: other human beings. So being a human being usually is defined by the values of that epoch or the need of humanity at that time.

This is what the story of Torah is telling us – “and then there is” – there must be like there is inside the human itself – there is a disturbing, uncomfortable sense that is being awakened, which is called the point in the heart or the ‘reshimo’, the memory of the spirit. And when the memory of the spirit is being awakened, there’s complete unrest because all the meaning that we had so far is collapsing, our explanation is not enough, of the world and of ourselves, and let’s say this is in a person and what goes in him.

So, the story of Torah is telling us about how the point in the heart forms itself as a nation.

Israel is the disturbance, causing unrest, in all the body of what we call ‘all the nation’, like the point in the heart in the human. It’s causing unrest, it’s causing a gap – this is nice when it’s a gap – it’s an opposition of the meaning of the world, the meaning of existence and the meaning of life. So, it is actually a huge disturbance and a huge accelerator for change.

So, whenever there is a peak of development – at the peak of development – what is being actually exposed, like in the deluge generation, is everything that was wrong and everything that was not fulfilling and everything that is leading to decay of the moral part of the effectiveness of the relationship. We see families are falling apart, societies are falling apart; and then you turn into that which you consider to be degraded, not enough explanation, and you review it. It’s like when the point in the heart is being awakened, most of our perception and values that we held so far, it doesn’t matter whether we are religious, what is called religious people or secular, is shattered.

It will happen in the world. It will happen, if there´ll be enough people this happens in them. You will see it happening in the world as well. So, you could say that we are inside such a period or such an epoch in human history. No doubt.

Israel has to form itself as a powerful point in the heart, meaning, the point in the heart is to do with a very deep notion of what is missing, what is not being felt and what we need, and that we cannot do it by ourselves, like the generation of the Tower of Babylon, because the generation of Babylon, you can say it was the generation of the trauma of the deluge. They still had this memory.

You can say that our world is a response or a result of the Second World War. So, what our world tries to do is to actually take or seize more control over their life, in developing techniques or technology, in developing a higher standard of health care, in communications, and all that. But what developed it? A will to receive to itself. So, it became corrupted. For what we’ll use all those things? And this is what is being revealed. So, it’s not so much what we developed, it is what values actually lead it, because the values of that which leads it will teach us how to use the development for good.

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