The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 7

Why do we need so many people? why wasn’t it enough to have Adam?

A part of understanding the multiplicity of the faces of Divinity  (“Shechina”) – has to do with ‘what is possible’ to understand what is given at a certain time. Each portion of the week in Torah opens up an arena, and something in that arena is prepared for us.
It is an admission of a perception that we allow to percolate and penetrate into our being

This week, we are reading the portion of “Korach”, which has to do with a discord. A discord between Moses and the part of the left, which is the Levi – the function of how this left side can join and fulfill the completion of the whole picture. The picture of all spirits, net of spirits, coming together.

This portion is about discord and peace.

First – let’s start with the fact that Divinity’s – “Shechina” – presence among humans is about insurance. Ensuring the completion of thought of creation, our evolving into the image in which we were created. Divinity being collateral in the hands of humanity causes (as we speak about Divinity as a being) in her pain. She isn’t with the light, which she wants to be with – her husband – as the Zohar says. Being with the light, not only makes humanity complete,  but it completes all of the worlds – making them fully functional as they should be.

Divinity being collateral is about how she presents herself within a person, as a light of consciousness that without proper ecology feels itself as separate. Understanding that it is collateral from the Creator, one needs to join all of these consciousnesses, willingly and knowingly, so they can use the collateral only for achieving the purpose. Any other use of our existence is being judged, especially from the moment we are aware and awakened. When the point in the heart is awakened.

We need to examine the plurality.  The fact that humanity isn’t a singular being in its expression, in reality. but rather the root of it is.

If we read Genesis, in the creation of Adam (man),… “And God said let us make Adam in our image” we need to see that in the first chapter of Genesis there is a different voice in the creation of humanity. It is the difference in how it’s written from the beginning. All the edicts of creation are “Let there be…and there was” – so there is a pulse of a commandment of light, which has God (Bina) execute it. The executor is the one who brings from potential to actual – Bina.
But, when we come to the part of creating humanity, it is different. It is almost like consulting.

Bina has femininity fragrance in it. Bina ties herself to one of the qualities of the Creators – the ability to bestow. This isn’t the voice of the Creator, but of Bina. The reason is that there needs to be a consciousness that witnesses all of that – the thought of creation. “Let us create Adam in our image” – a consciousness that will reflect receiving and bestowal in the right way.

The first “Mitzvah” – edicts – the law of humanity – is society. Not a unique person (male and female), but the multiplicity of consciousness coming out. To multiply is not only in numbers but revelations.

When you multiply, you reveal all of the qualities and features in oneself that were concealed.

Everything that was concealed in the father/mother is revealed in their produce. So, in order for humanity to complete its mission is to be in plurality, while each one doesn’t cancel the other – but join.

Why do we need so many people? why wasn’t it enough to have Adam?
The answer is that there are so many concealments, and this is the way to reveal. Completion of ourselves is to know ourselves – through others.

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