Deepening the Foundations

This study touches the genealogy of the idea of Israel: How all the notions of creation express themselves in the genealogy of Israel. Everything that happens in the emanation and the creation of the world […]

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The Companions Hearken For Your Voice

“The Companions Hearken For Your Voice” The Splendor of the Shechina The Creator has designated the Shechina as the meeting place between human and divine. A way of being in which the human completes the […]

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And when it rose in His will

“And When it Rose in His Will” … about creation, its beginnings, and causes. … about internalizing His qualities – Sephirot. … about His thoughts of us, and our need of Him. … about possible […]

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Past Event – Elul

The Call of Elul Elul” – I am to my Beloved and my Beloved to me” In ELUL the gates of consciousness’ boot camps are opened to the possible recognition of creational renewal, restarting the […]

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Shakti Leadership, Nilima Bhat at Mishkan Hakavana

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Shakti Leader, Nilma Bhat, at Mishkan Hakavana. The discussion revolved around Kabbalah, similarities – common ground –  and difference with the Shakti learning. To do so, the group […]

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Study Group: Kabbalah Bridge Berlin

There is the group in which the need is defined: the need for evolution, the need of a vessel of feeling, the recognition of what needs to be, how we can get out of ourself, […]

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