Choose Life – The meaning by Zohar

It is difficult for us to understand the issue of sacrifice because it goes straight into the ego and into the story of being victimized. It has the same echo system. But this is actually the power; if we study it correctly, the sacrifice has nothing to do with being a victim but it has to do with a possibility of atonement, meaning recognition of what I need and where I am, of the truth. And it is a wonderful and great opportunity of coming closer. For a very devoted spiritual person all over the world, through all religious, being sacrificed, all united or in unison with the higher is that which he wants the most.

I am not speaking for those that plays in spirituality but those who have a genuine will. Their highest wish is to be united with the higher.

What does it mean to be united with the higher?

Being swallowed by it and that our existence will disappear. And the Torah is saying “and you choose life”. What does it mean “and you choose life”? Everyone who reads it will say of course I will choose life. No dear, when you are in spirituality not naturally you will choose life. And then the Torah will say to you “choose life”. It is more important that you will do your work while existing, than you will be in communion with the higher and disappear there.

So choose life. Being here and in communion. Not disappearing from existence in order to be in communion. And this is how we understand sacrifice. The Kabbala is saying no, when you are spiritual and you want to disappear into the hug of the higher, choose life, and choose here. And this is a totally different understanding of sacrifice. The need is that there will be an unwavering connection between life and existence, meaning the higher and the lower; therefore choose life, not disappearing into the higher. But this speaks about when you have the yearning for a communion. The highest, the pick of the longing of a spiritual person to disappear into the higher is forbidden. It is said, no, you stay here, and be the connection part for all spirits because this is your salary not your personal meaning or enlightenment.

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