The Companions Hearken For Your Voice – Part 3

What does it mean to work in Kabbalah – in the path of truth?

The way the Hebrew word WORK is constituted – processes, and processing. The regular meaning is to toil, but truly it is sorting of oneself out and perception – limitation of our perception, and the root of our perception. It is being able to surrender to the Kingdom – a different ecology – the Kingdom of the Creator or heaven.

Work is to process 3 aspects – the self, the surrounding (peers/society), and the connection with the Creator.

The work of truth – it stems out of advice – how to be or check yourself. First, you can see it’s not possible to check oneself in accordance to one object or one aspect. It isn’t to do with your yearning to (mystical) be unified with the Higher.

Israel, Oriata (the condition or circumstance you will be able to reveal the concealed), and that will create (if you keep those two – right and left line) the third line – what is demanded of us. It is to know the will of the Creator through the Torah.

The path is not like you walk it and you are there. It is woven and each time you manage to combine your identity with the will with the Creator, it creates another point. It is like a helix, and you walk the points. This is the path of truth.
Normally people think the path is there, and there will be a road that leads us. But, it is constant processing of 3 ingredients – Israel, Oriata, and Kudsha Barich Hu. They should be a body (will), that joins 2 oppositions (left and right), into one purpose.

The True path is revealed through the process of work. Through the group of spirits with the same intention, while we study Torah- which illuminates the points.
During the last generation, no one with this size of Ego (will to receive for oneself) have walked this path.

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