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Va’Yera – Weekly Torah Portion

There is a condition and understanding that everything is going after the beginning – every time the Torah portion appear, in these 2 portions – it is a great opportunity for us to see the […]

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Noah’s Arch – Weekly Torah Portion

Noah’s Ark and the deluge is to do with a common universal memory of human beings – of their ways in relations to themselves, the Creator, and creation as a whole. The environment as a […]

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Balak – Weekly Torah Portion

The portion of Balak. These are a few portions that deal with a different depth of transformation. Balak is the verge, what happens in the inner processes of a person when they stand on the […]

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Behaalotcha – weekly Torah Portion

The portion is about lighting the candles in a particular manner. Looking at the entire portion – as a verb in Hebrew – speaks of being in the midst of the ability to rise oneself […]

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After the Death – Weekly Torah Portion

The portion of After Death (Acharey Mot) Two portion – are not separated. Teaching us how not to approach. Not every time is the same time. If we approach without the right inner time (that […]

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EMOR – Weekly Torah Portion

The portion of Emor – Say to the Priest What is given to us is the way we can enter the temple of time. It is dealing with the calling, timing, that is happen on […]

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Tsav – Weekly Torah Portion 2019

    Moses is gathering, under the natural inclination of the spirit, to come near the Creator. The awakening of the wish to serve is another aspect of humans trying to approach. That human who’s […]

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Jethro Torah Portion – 2019

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Vayikrah Weekly Torah Portion

The Lord, call on to Moses and spoke on to him out of the Tabernakel of congregation saying… It is Moses who built the dwelling place. It is very clear to everyone here the if […]

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Teruma Weekly Torah Portion 2019

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Vayeshev and Hanukkah 2018 – Kabbala – Mishkan Hakavana

As we light the first candle of Hanukkah, we connect the study of Vayeshev – to dwell or to settle – portion of the Torah. We need to see what has been settled. There is […]

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Mikets Weekly Torah Portion 2018 – Mishkan Hakavana

Understanding this portion – means ‘at the end’ – the edge. The edge is something that has finished its dominion, its way. We look at Zohar Miketz on the first verse – we can see […]

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