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And when it rose – Part 2

The beginning of Ari – Eitz Chayim, the Tree of Life – In itself, in the view of a way Torah of Exile has been perceived…One can not know the Creator. The way Ari and […]

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And When It Rose – Part 1

The first lesson took place on the evening of “Tu Bishvat”. This is to do with the root of the influence, and the road of measurement. The road of judgement, of decision,. Whether or not […]

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Bo – Torah Portion of the Week

The book of Shemot, and the important 6 portions of the book of Shemot (Genesis), there is set or a ladder of coming into setting ourselves as a vessel, as consciousness, that can serve the […]

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Shemot – Torah Portion of the Week

Our reading in the book of Shemot is the completion of the book of Genesis. It is obvious that it starts in a higher place, calling it Crown/Keter. The life for the spirit, for the […]

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Va’Yechi – Torah Portion of the Week

This portion of Torah – Vayechi – is the way to bring actuality from potentiality. When we speak about the death of one of the forefathers, Jacob, the structure suggests that something is coming from […]

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Vayigash – Weekly Torah Portion

The last portion of Torah ended with Joseph being accused and Judah pleads for Benjamin. In the Zohar, the conversation takes place at night – in exile. So, the approach of Judah to Joseph is […]

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Miketz – weekly Torah Portion

The portion of Miketz takes place in Hanukah. Both the holiday and the weekly portion are moving in parallel lines. During this time is there is the invitation, the question: “what is the actual connection […]

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Vayeshev – Weekly Torah Portion

This portion of the week opens Hannuka, quating: “And Jacob Dwelled”, meaning to sit and settle. Where did he try to “Dwell” – settle – in the land where his father was a stranger. He […]

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Vayishlach – Weekly Torah Portion

This week we are encapsulating two Torah portions – Vayetze & Vayishlach. They signify the difference between exile and the beginning of exoduses out of exile – light of redemption and future or the will […]

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Vayetze – Weekly Torah Portion

A dream – isn’t loosing track, but rather a possible sanctification of hope. The dream is the hope of the awakening, being able to wake up to the presence of revelation – not in full […]

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Toldot – Weekly Torah Portion

The Torah portion describes a crucial point in time. We begin to see patterns – difficulty to give birth. This is an integral part of the stories of the mothers – the unseen parts in […]

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Chayei Sarah – Weekly Torah Portion

The death of Sarah is paving a holding possibility in our corporal life for finding our way back to the root of our origin. The root of what it means to be Adam – spirit […]

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