Taste of the Study

We Are Always Being Led

Everything from the plan of God is going to happen, but Bilam had the opportunity in which way to be led – and he chose. This means that each one of us is being led […]

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The Self of Ourselves

What has the kabbalah to give in the MIshkan? We have to discover Godliness in ourselves and we can only do that first by finding others. The question is – I have to start with […]

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Love & Couples – Taste of the Study

The creation of the couples – revealing and concealing- how does this play out when creation was created? The first creation of Adam – is male and female. This is Adam. Inside Adam, there is […]

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Treating Injustice – Taste of the Study

There is a calling, into the arch of today – to see that everything has its purpose. It’s not turning your other cheek, its stopping when you can! it doesn’t mean that you don’t think, […]

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